The Archangel

by Voidal

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Fourth demo, more technical death metal than anything else, but still incorporates extensive doom metal parts


released July 30, 2008

Nokhri - Everything




Voidal Israel

Voidal. Throwing Adrian Cole's fans' Google searches off since 2004. Also a one man doom/death metal project.

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Track Name: The Archangel Arrives
...לארץ באה הרעה
והוא, כמו גם הסערה
פקדו אותם במנוסתם
לאן -איש לא ידע

מתפללים לאלוקים
ומתעלמים מהברקים
אינם חשים הם בבואו
בזיו בבואתו

והוא השמיע את דבריו
אודות מסעו והרהוריו
על כך שאלוהים שכח
שאלוהים סלח

והישיש שב לדבר
על כך שאין רעב יותר
אדמת הארץ שוב תדע
ימים יפים יותר

וכל שנתבקשו היה דבר מאוד פעוט
מאוד פשוט, לא מסובך - להשתנות.

כל היושבים בארץ - חיש
הפנו גבם אל הישיש
כי לא חשבו, כי לא חפצו
לגאול עצמם מדם

נסים כמו עדר עגלים
נסים מהר מהמילים
כי כוח המוסר נדם
נמחק מהעולם

והוא רואה, רועה הצאן
לאן דוהר כל ההמון
כאבנים מתגלגלות לתוך האבדון

ואין נביא בעירו
Track Name: Noback/Return
Visions fading [Visions fading here]
Dreams become illusions [Yet I still think clear]
Daylight flees in the light of my morbid aura
I - Exile

Running through the dried out fields of thorns
The place where I feel so welcomed
Pilgrim dressed in black, I am a shadow

Never been this far
My footprints on the mountain paths will forever burn
Drifting with the stars
Creating mud, building my noback, I'll never return

Lost, picking locks to my loss,
Picking locks to my fortress, my solitary
Lost; eating Rocks
My church is built in me, my God stitched to my mind
I search for a quiet as I wait until
My church is built in me, my God stitched to my mind
I search for a quiet as my journey continues

Pawns, thorns in bloom, I am your sentry
The Man and Element became one
And your whispers entwine my pain

They think I am insane, yet sanity is what I look for
And wisdom I shall find, unearth it in my loneliness

Pawns, thorns in bloom
They feel my shadow closing in
And infect me with fear and regret
A flaming path throdden by me
Shines at me in it's evil grin
Taking away the peace that is the choice

My journey is complete,
My journey to exile, to isolation, to denial
The fortress in my mind has turned to steel
My Noback turned rusted

My church healing me, my God calming me
My aura fading my senses
My loneliness building the fences
This world has lost my trace
Track Name: Wailing Wall
Evoking these rare feelings
That better stay undescribed
If you thought of cutting the itch think again
Infectious as the stillness
Cadaverous fever
If you thought you've overpowered the grief
Think again

The pain attempts to blend and erase
The landscape scarved in your soul
Come with me, take my hand
I'll lead you to the wailing wall

From this fountain of tears I drain
The ability to desolate
These wailings way overpower
Surpass the limit my nerves can take

The pain attempts to rebuild this maze
The landscape scarved in your soul
Come with me and your melting delusions
We're breaking through the wailing wall

Picture tragedy as a portrait
A card in this game we play

Imagine Pain as a constant
Imagine Life as a variable

Imagine Life as The Way
Imagine Death as The Purpose

This life is numbers
Random odds of bets
This life is words that children write on the sand -
A single wave can wash you off the land

One walks on a single path in life;
Upon your path Death strolls
And when you'll feel all hope is gone
You'll build your wailing walls
Track Name: The Momentary, the Lifelong, the Infinite
Life - a speeding train, cries from a distance,
Faces I would never recognize
A chant, so mezmerizing -
The breeze that whispers in the ear as we run

Hiding from the stars, from your stares, from our scars
Grasp Time and watch it leaking through the fingers
Falling through our reveries, contemporary slaveries
Only Time can set us free

Free from the gravity, flying like comets in space,
Like sand-drops in void
Transformed into cliffs, into stalactites,
Shaping the sphere of the eye
Souls unravelling, praising the Moment

Places I call "mine", you call "home", we call "mind" -
In this substance all exists -
Portraits of paradise and our shackles;
Thoughts, words, models, functions
And the keys to our destruction
Waiting, incubating until finally unleashed

And become free
Free from the sapphire cage,
Injected into the spoiled air
Transformed into memories,
Images of the end of this world;
Scorching the skies, unveiling the sight of Infinite

The Momentary, the Lifelong, the Infinite

Souls unravelling, ashes decay
Souls unravelling, ashes decay
Sea becomes sand becomes island
Becomes a new genesis,
A new life is born and the old world has
Burned, died, drowned in tears and misery,
Life decays

And we become the Moment
A fragmentated entity that is The Big Wheel
Spinning slowly, as in slumber
And imminently closing to point 0
And stops.

Time left us a grin of a Cheshire Cat
It fades to the applause of a thousand flaming rocks
Falling from the skies, fading out our lives
A nuclear explosion flashes in it's eyes

Gone, all is gone - the cliffs, the moments,
The eyes to see the view of falling stars
The memories drawn to the ocean
And fuel it's explosion
Time grew helpless now,
It lost the chains that leashed our nature
It overgrows our minds,
Destroys anything that stands,
Rips off anything that bends

...And from the cloud of dust steps out

The New I
The mind prevails
So tell me, what is "Infinite" now?
Track Name: Sand Wraith
Shivering, thin and fevered
Bloating, as blood reaches my mind
Escaping from explainations
Alone I stand in the middle of a sandstorm
Appeared from nothing, heading nowhere
Seeding plague and nothingness
And as a shepherd from a well
Your lives I drain

I see
I feel
I know
Invisible Witness
My lips
Are sealed
Sewn together
Forever mute

In this heat I barely breathe
Infernal sunlight gnaws at me
Time drains away, yet I remain
I - sand wraith, the desert djinn

Behold, a war of elements, one's mind
Too infant to understand it;
A cage revealed to none,
Enter it and see what

I see
I feel
I know
Invisible Witness
My lips
Are sealed
Sewn together
Forever mute

I see storms, I feel blizzards,
I know - Death lurks for you

I see storms, I feel blizzards
I know - Death lurks for you
I see night, blind as you
Folds the eyes of tommorow
And on your knees you crawl to me

Arms, flickering, slithering; smothering
Scent of battered and shattered matter
Flinged, back and forth,
With the frequency of a pendulum's swing
Your days are numbered

Run, if you can,
My minion sands will find you and bury you
Run, if you can,
My minion wind will find you and chain you
Watch seconds pass as your fading heartbeat
See my stare and see no more

Your days are numbered
Track Name: Skullbox
Within the hollow shell, fascinating in size
The new-born hallucination is weeping inside
Caressed in protective electric wires,
For the sunshine is blinding her eyes

Ignoring the objections lock tomorrow in a box
And release it to the rays
When the timing seems at place

Ignoring the objections lock Tomorrow in a box
And release it to the rays
When the time will eat your face

A likeness, to be emphasized
Atoms that don't like to be resized
A solid, hollow shell to hold the eyes
And the rest is a mask on the dust
I draw portraits, I sculpt ideas
I picture your chase your pursue for identity, a face

A likeness, to be emphasized
Atoms chained, not willing to demise
A solid, hollow shell to hold the eyes
And the rest is a mask on the dust
On my hand plays a storm
In my storm you were born
I've pinned your soul on a thorn
I hold your life in a flask

In your skull there's a cell
Telling you to decay
In your skull there's this voice
Calling you to obey
In your skull there's a master
Telling you you're enslaved
In your skull there's your home
Makes you feel you are safe

I am the only to control the chaos in your skullbox
I am the one to generate the voices in your skull

He who speaks - speaks of those who seek
Seek for isolation, a place to contain his voice

I am the only to control you

In your skull there's a membrane
That captures my voice
It's your skull that avoids to deal with the pain
I'm the tumor in your brain, a static noise
That never recoils
I can set you in flames

The chains that you've bound your life to
Scarved on your skin the portrait
Of your skull as your grave

Immient suffering you brought on your self
You build your walls, I shatter your shell

See, the fuel that feeds your fury
Spawns in hallucinations, for I am blind
Track Name: Teethless Titans and Rats
Face the teethless titans and rats,
The faceless judges
Militant dictators, catterpillar shaped, mutating forms
You see them slithering,
Stings implanted in their tongues
Putting battle colours on

That day I saw the titans with kevlar teeth
So overburdened, busy fighting themselves
Seen the eyes, the visions of a 1000 blind
Seen the rats congregating on a sinking ship

I've seen nothing else

If blind belief replaces morality
If leadership becomes irrelevant
If the questions I ask remain unaswered
If the lies you tell repeated to endocrine
If me and you think all the same
If light became a privilegy
If the price you pay worths the nonsense they sell
Then you've found the footprints
Of the titans and rats

I see you bleed
You can't resist
You can't even stand

I've seen nothing else, they seem to hide, to deny
Their souls, their spines, their pride
And weave the curtains, so that you'd
Forever forget their faces

The faces of the
Tamed, teethless titans and rats,
The soulless muppets
Puppets attached to strings,
Mutating, caterpillar shaped forms
You see them slithering,
Stings implanted in their tongues,
Putting battle colors on, attaching wings

A war is at hand
A fool can predict the consequences
The wisest can't prevent it
Alone they stand
For you won't support those
Who fought for your demise

You will never pick a side in a civil war,
So threatening, so reasonless, so devasatating
You would never play the play a rat dictates you
You would never trust a titan
Your idols are foul, might as well sculpt another
Threatening less but still as teethless, as rotten
Once and for all,
They've better taken away your power of choice