Demo #1 - Creations

by Voidal

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Despite the title, this is the second demo ever recorded, and also my favorite one


released May 9, 2005

Nokhri - Everything
Nekro - Lead guitar composition on "A Crow's Flight...".




Voidal Israel

Voidal. Throwing Adrian Cole's fans' Google searches off since 2004. Also a one man doom/death metal project.

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Track Name: Goathead
Are these real, the things I touch and feel?
Have all these mirrors always bee so sharp?
Do these reflections shape the jigsaw of existence?
And whose task is it to solve it?

But this I shall not know.
[Know not]

Does knowing all brings bliss?
(Remember Prometheus?)
I am no masochist, I just want to live

An everlasting silence is my answer
I could accept that
Yet all these mirrors still cut
And these reflections are melting my mind

...Forever blind, forever lost, forever cursing Time
Two horns I have and these four walls
I know that I can breach them
Yet I am afraid that it may vibrate
The fragile, great jigsaw of your fate

Among my hate, my failing fate
Your world dwells in my head
Questions, Thoughts - my only bread
But without your drinks I am choking

These mirrors start to frighten,
As well as vacuum silence
That remains my answer
I don't accept that
But all I am able is to stand still
And complain, complain, complain...

Tomorrow transgresses into yesterday
For how long I've been enjoying the fate of a dradle?

[Now and Forever]

...I ceased to touch and feel
And not these mirrors I blame
No more reflections appear, no jigsaws, null exitence
I no longer ask , no longer value.
Track Name: The Grave Diver
Once there was a man
That rose amidst the sleeping crowd,
And war was on his mind
He had no fear, he fought the world
Until the last soul on earth has died

Yet his heart still rages,
And nothing can satisfy his thirst for changes,
For it's an irresistible temptation - being God

And so the story goes, my friend
A throne he made, a deed of art indeed,
With gold and gems and skulls engraved
Power, courage, wealth - he had it all,
But Deity was alone.

So, every time when sun descends below the horizon,
He grabs his sword and digs the earth
In a morbid hope to find life in death's domain
In vain

He gazed upon his diggings, crying...
And suddenly realized -
Subconsciously he dug a hole that just fits his size.
Track Name: Shores of Styx
Creators of the Void, bearers of Silence
Appear when unexpected, unwelcome, cold and mean
It's not of saints and sinners but time and destination
And where one's path has ended ours begins

Where one's remains are earthed
Another plants his seed
And laughter is heard again
Where once tears fell like beads

A spark of darkness, speaking in abstract terms,
A mauling hit of a severe truth
You are to gain no more
Begin to mourn
Observe the dance of the Two Sisters,
Of Life and Death,
Magnificent and beautiful; Scorned

Slowly abandon your earthly shell
For your dearest to find and bury
A Body - forever to Earth is bound,
A Soul is bound to Us -
Bearers of the Void, creators of Silence
Not urging to be welcomed, nor willing to bring pain
Yet monolith are the Milestones
Of Time and Destination
The rules everything is bound to and obeys

Where one's remains are earthed
Another plants his seed
And laughter is heard again
Where once tears fell like beads
Where one's remains are rotting
Another seeks for mead
Sanctus mumus as deserved -
Ravens fight over torn flesh bits
Track Name: Awkward Visions
...And there extinguishes the last candle,
And darkness veiled us all.

A desert grasps the universe,
No beginning, no end, just a clouded sky
Above the wastelands

Euphoria? Is it the name of a modern potion?
Then grant me some, oh lord, creator of all
Unless you've lacked it too..?

A tree - It stretches it's branches
Towards the gathering clouds,
An iceberg in the Ocean of Sand

Pain - The ideal katharsis,
Or is it just a curse from the divine?
Then take it back, oh lord, almighty,
Unless you've lacked the might..?

A thousand candles spell "m-a-n"
In the shadow of the wooden cross

And there the rain starts. The tree rejoiced.
But all the candles ceased to flame.
So, what good is life without a light?
The writing had been wiped out
And the candles sunk in mud
The tree is now alone to face the night.
Track Name: A Crow's Flight Across the Desert Sands
His wings - a southern sandstorm,
His eyes - two dazzling suns
His shadow glides softly on the sand
Could be a treacherous mirage?
You, who darkness spat to be
The messenger of death,
The bearer of the plague from the Dead Lands

Where time is sand - the Sands of Time
And Shadows cast light - the Light of Night
A life of strife, ceased by the knife
A Knife that tore the men of war
In scraps of flesh and soulless faith
Faith - ignorance, acknowledge knowledge
And I know that I and I make II
While 0 and 0 - ∞

As you shake your wings, these sand drops fall
And meet no soil, but piles of soulless bodies.
Indeed, the finest crop you wield.

Wailing more
A raging war
Slowly pacing Death becomes you

Sacred is the silence that you bring
The sunlight dissolves in the shadow of your wing
And I am grateful, eager to embrace the Night
And in it's lap I shall find my peace of mind

Wailing more
A raging war
Slowly pacing Death becomes you
Waiting more
Internal war
Slowly pacing Death becomes you

...I and I make II
While 0 and 0 - ∞
A black dot grows smaller and smaller
As it flies farther and farther
And his black feather lay as flowers
On our tomb of earth that is the Mind
Track Name: Piece of Blue
Winter comes
Pieces of blue
Reigning frost of tears
And scars begin to sore
These sacred scars no human hand shalt cure

In shattered glass I see a blissful landscape
So, should I shatter too to visit there?

And sun did not rise
And moon was all black
And stars were blinking
Like a lion's eyes in a cage
Their shine breeds nothing, only chaos and rage
My self got ill, my soul is sealed
My cup of pain grew overfilled

Winter comes
And rain is shed upon the earth -
Wipe away the tears
Before caught by the light of the day
My heart turned colder, so did my grave

The storm is closing in
It hides from me my piece of blue
Arrives to distort all colours
And alter all into pieces of grey

In shattered glass I see a blissful landscape
So should I shatter too, to visit there?

And sun did not rise
And moon was all black
And stars were blinking
Like a lion's eyes in a cage
Their shine breeds nothing,
Only chaos and rage
Absorbed, like puddles, gets the Hope -
Hope there would be no rain again